California Citrus Growers Association

The California Citrus Growers Association (CCGA) is a grower-owned and grower-operated marketing agency in common, organized under the laws of the State of California and compliant with the federal Capper-Volstead Act.

  • While recognizing the highly competitive nature of the citrus industry, the purpose of CCGA is to bring producers together to share information and better coordinate the most efficient ways to market their fruit in a manner that, at a minimum, assures recovery of the growers' cost of production;
  • By working together, producers can better control the quality and consistency of the fruit brought to market to maximize customer and consumer satisfaction;
  • Improved quality of delivered product can be achieved by producers steadfastly subscribing to self-imposed higher standards including improved ratios and solids, elimination of substandard or inferior fruit, and timing delivery of product to best meet actual market demand;
  • Membership in CCGA presently constitutes approximately 85-90 percent of the California citrus industry and is comprised of the Sunkist Growers marketing cooperative, the Central California Orange Growers Cooperative, the Sun Pacific marketing cooperative, the United Moonlight Citrus Association, and the Corona-College Heights Orange and Lemon Association.
  • The CCGA Board of Directors along with the newly hired CCGA management team has been meeting regularly to implement this program and achieve these stated objectives.